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INACTIVE EHS 0171 - Pressure and Compressed Gas Safety
Introduction, Goals and Objectives
Course Navigation
Pressure Concepts
 - Stress
 - Stored Energy
 - Fragmentation and Chemical Hazard
 - Safety Factor
 - Ideal Gas Law
Cylinder Storage
Cylinder Restraints
Cylinder Handling
Cylinder Disposal
Mixing Gases within Cylinders
Regulator Selection
 - How A Regulator Works
 - Single & Double Stage Regulators
 - Regulator Materials of Construction
 - Other Regulator Selection Criteria
 - Regulators for Flammable Gases and Oxygen
 - Regulator Storage
Take a Break
Tubing and Fittings
 - Pressure Relief Devices
System Installation
 - Cylinder Change
Additional Pressure and Vacuum Concerns
Emergency Procedures
Take the Exam
Privacy and
Security Notice
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